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Terms and Conditions

Payment must accompany your order. Payment shall cover shipping and handling plus any pertinent taxes (residents of Canada only are affected by this) as well as your order. We need your billing address and where we need to ship to. We may want to contact you if we have any difficulty processing your order, so we need an email address, and a phone number where we can contact you. We cannot process orders with out these minimal needs being met. We do not share any part of this information with anyone. Your credit card numbers are handled by Federated Payments. You pay them, we receive our money from them. It is a secure system for both of our sakes.

Please inspect your shipment immediately upon arrival and determine that you got your full order. You have 30 days from your products arrival to inform us if there are deficiencies. See our return policy.

Although stencils can do many things and are well made, they can be destroyed. Care for them properly by not creasing them. Clean stencils, brushes, and pallets after use, and if (when) you forgot to clean them you can use rubbing alcohol to loosen paint. Store stencils flat, or in the bag they came in. Brushes should be washed using brush cleaner (available at your local Art Store) and stored so the brush is not bent. I like to wrap them in a paper towel, and put a rubber band around them until next use.

Use good sense when spraying adhesives, and paints. Do this in well ventilated rooms. Fans will speed your drying time; this can be useful for you, but it can cause problems as well. Be aware of your environment. Use gloves, safety glasses, and respirators where appropriate. If you are pregnant, avoid sprays and adhesives. We’d like to sell more stencils to you in the future, and you need to be here to make this happen. Take care.


High Quality Stencils

We have 300+ stencils & designs in stock. You will be able to find what you want here. We not only Design, but we Manufacture, Package, and Ship our products directly to you. You get guaranteed high quality stencils at a low cost.